Company Introduction

RENDEZVOUS was formed in the year 2010 in Dhaka, Bangladesh with the goal of organizing memorable events and help clients to effectively promote their messages. With more than 6 years of collective working experience in the events, media, and advertising industries, the leaders are set to design and organize events for our clients that help them achieve their targets best.

The team of RENDEZVOUS has an impressive events repertoire and clientele, and is operating without compromising one important principle…“Every event is distinctive and every concept is inventive. The outcome should be impressive.” Even though we aim for the stars when we organize our events, we still manage to deliver cost-effective events to our clients, thanks to our in-house integrated event solutions.

We plan and organize a wide range of events, from corporate events, to social events, to state and government. At RENDEZVOUS, we believe that a lasting impression is what people remember the most and the longest. We, therefore, do our best to deliver a spectacular event that will leave our guests with memorable moments and our clients with successful events. With the vast experience that our team carries, and the wide range of in-house services we provide, we can guarantee events that meet your expectations as well as your budget.

RENDEZVOUS wishes to be one of the leading companies in Bangladesh, organizing quality, unique and cost-effective events. With the constant introduction of new trends, the integrated events solutions we provide, and the ability to operate in nationwide, we strive to provide our clients with the best service they can expect.

Company Philosophy

RENDEZVOUS philosophy of work is based on these two important principles:

Every event is distinctive. Therefore, each event concept is tailor-made to suit that event.
Our environment is our home and place of work. We therefore care for it, just like we care for our homes.

The first principle explains that we always provide fresh and tailor-made ideas to fit our events, and not the other way around. It also means that since we are doing something, we should do it brilliantly, and not just good, because we only have one shot to leave a lasting impression on our guests, and that better be spectacular and satisfying one.Our second principle deals with the environment. We try our best to preserve our environment and place of work. We minimize damage and harmful waste starting at the design stage up to implementation and, later, tear-down. After all, if we don’t preserve our environment and surroundings, we would have no more places to work.

Bearing these two principles in mind, we always provide our best efforts at designing, organizing and managing events that mean successful and cost-effective endeavours for our clients.


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